Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tough Going

So my return to Dubrovnik had been relatively uneventful. Aside from the cooler than average weather, my time here has been productive. Everyone is working well together, great friendships all around and even more friendships being started. It's been great being back and I've started to fall back into the rhythm of things. I've met some seriously amazing people this week. It was a really amazing week. Then I got the phone call from home.

One of my aunts was recently diagnosed with liver cancer. I had found out last week... but then bad news came that things had suddenly taken a turn for the worse. She was hospitalized indefinitely and put immediately into palliative care. Suddenly my summer plans seem a bit haywire. My extended family on both sides of the family are pretty tight. This comes as a major blow. As a kid growing up, this was the aunt and uncle who would become our guardian should anything happen to my parents. She helped me practice my french growing up as a child. She put up with us running around her house, sliding down the stairs, playing with all the toys and causing a ruckus ourselves... and eventually with her grandkids. It is a very tight family bond. It's better to see somebody alive and get to tell them everything you've always wanted to say than to have to live with it all inside while attending a funeral. It's time to go be with family so at 3 am yesterday I booked a ticket home. Hoping desperately that I'll make it in time to see her. Tough going. Anyways so I'll be in Vancouver until the 6th of June. Unexpected yes. Sometimes life has a funny way of dropping a wrench into your plans. But there's a lesson to be learned in each of life's problems. Everything happens for a reason. Time to go learn the next lesson and spend time with those I hold dear.

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