Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Few and far between

I know that my blog updates have been few and far between... which happens notoriously with blogs under my care

On the bright side this also means I have been out and about exploring the amazing sights and sounds of Dubrovnik. Lately I have been showing fellow travelers the sights and sounds of Lokrum Island. I have a spiel that I've memorized and most of you would laugh when you hear me... I sound a bit like a tour guide.

Anyways other than exploring local islands, I have also been hanging out with amazing travelers. It's strange how travelers seem to come in waves. Extra ironic as I have just finished reading Susan Casey's latest book also called "The Wave"(A great read if you get the chance). So I've noticed travelers come in waves. First it was the Canadians and Aussies. Then it was Americans specifically from New York and Los Angeles along with the English. Since then it has changes to Scandinavians with plenty of Swedes and Norwegians. And a little shout out to Dave Patterson. Yes Dave, the girls are as pretty as you think they are. I know you will enjoy Stockholm.

Other than noticing travelers in droves, I have also had a ridiculous amount of people coming to visit me. First a group of three people recommended by my friend Ben, then two random but amazing american friends sent by my friend Booboo in Zagreb. Then two more girls who I actually knew from working in the marina in Sidney. So with a massive group of random travelers I embarked on yet another exploration to blow the minds of the visitors and we decided to head out to the Belvedere hotel once again. This time I packed my full photo kit, and between braving the heat of the evening and the broken glass and structural hazards of the building, managed to snap some pretty cool pictures. I know, I know... you must be getting sick of seeing nuked buildings. But what can I say... they make fantastic backdrops!

After the two hour sweat fest of taking photos and exploring the bombed out building, we wandered down to the lower levels where we found a fantastic swimming hole where we washed the sweat, dove into the sea and enjoyed the beautiful view of the Dubrovnik Old City.

I also managed to snap this picture the following day of my friend Maja as we escaped the heat and sat out the rocks outide the city walls. When I saw the full moon making it's appearance earlier that day, I knew I had to grab my camera and make the most of it. One 3 second exposure combined with a quick shot with my LED flashlight and a little black/white effect in iphoto... and this final product.

Anyways we're expecting rain and thunder showers tomorrow in Dubrovnik so I've got to go and batten the hatches... at least I can play make believe... and pretend I'm in Vancouver...

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