Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Like jumping out of a perfectly good plane

So it's go time. I am sitting at the airport, poaching free wifi and writing the last blogpost I'll be doing in Canada for quite some time.

Needless to say the last few days have been hectic. My brain has felt like a reace car engine firing on all eight cylinders. I have been toiling with a whole mix of different emotions and at the same time trying to organize and coordinate my trip. In typical Fraser fashion, I have put many of the things I should have done weeks ago off until the last minute. In other typical Fraser fashion, things just seem to have worked out in the end and I sit here at the departure gate having gone through the boarding process and feeling like it was a well oiled machine. Perfectly packed bags (I had to guess the weight by hand...) , because I paif an etra 60 bucks for priority boarding and seat selection, I managed to fly by the massive line up at the check in, security was a breeze as was getting my camera and computer certified by canada customs. I feel like a smooth operator.

So now I sit here, with my feelings. There is a feeling of calm, yet at the same time a feeling of sadness. Things in Vancouver seemed to be going very good for me before my departure. I was contemplating my life in Vancouver and realized that I am giving up a lot to do this. My family is a huge part of my life now and since returning from Europe in 2008, I have developed a new bond with that that has been unparalleled in the past. I met a girl... an amazing girl who I had to leave behind. Why is it that life is so twisted that way? Trying to meet somebody you are compatible with that you also have an amazing attraction to, then giving it all up for the washed up dream of traveling again at the age of 27. It's never easy leaving, but it's much harder knowing you are leaving people you love and care about behind. There's no doubt that I've shed a few tears over the issue over the last few weeks, reminding myself that I am giving it all up for a chance to do what I've been dreaming about for the last three years.

And so I am off, to what I don't know but I do know that there is an adventure waiting at the other end of this flight. Either way, good or bad I know there is a lesson to be learned and an interesting story to tell. I have a camera, a go pro and a computer and plan on documenting lots so stay tuned to this blog as time passes. I think it's "Control+D" bookmarks this page... which I highly recommend doing. *insert shameless plug here*.

A few last words. Thank you to all my friends and family. You have been putting up with a lot of my complaining and nostalgia while I've been back in Vancouver. I hope that we shared some good memories and grew closer during that time. My Aunt Vera send me a little card before I left that had a really nice quote on it. It said something along the lines of "When you depart, make sure to leave behind more than you took. And on that note, I hope I have done just that.

Farewell Vancouver, no doubt you and your citizens are part of one of the greatest places on earth. Stay cool.

The view from my seat.

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