Monday, April 18, 2011

Three weeks and counting

So it's officially three weeks until I depart. It's been a while since I've felt this overwhelmed! There is of course the massive overbearing list of things to do before I go, people to see, stuff to sell, things to store and of course travel plans to make. I am somewhat shitting my pants with the unbelievable thought of getting to travel again. At the same time it comes as a bit of a shock as I now realize what I am giving up in Vancouver. Over the last three years in Vancouver I have been developing new friendships, trying new activities, gaining new skills and making important connections with people I care about. Now it seems that I will somewhat be giving it all up to travel again.

It's been a tough three years for me being back in Vancouver. I know many of you are sick and tired about hearing me bitch about wanting to travel, see new things and escape the grasp of North America. I bet many of you are saying "it's about damn time!" and to be honest I don't blame you. For the last three years you have to hear me bitch about how much I missed travel and experiencing different cultures. Well I am finally making that leap and moving on. What lies beyond the horizon? I have no idea. But as my previous life experiences have taught me, life may not go according to plan, but in the end everything will be alright.

Now so far, the "plan" is to head to Croatia and meet up with Jon and Sanja in Dubrovnik. I am trying to figure out what I plan to do this winter after all this travel. I've always been intrigued by my Ukrainian heritage but have very little connection to the "homeland". Even to drive through the Ukrainian countryside and see the same sights and smells that my great grandfather experienced as a child would be an honour. To really see where I am from and experience the culture. Now I'm not going to push my luck, but I would love to meet a long lost relative and get to really see what the martyniuk name comes from. Now the odds of that happening is at this point pretty slim, but heck I'm not getting an expectations up. I would be happy to do a shot of vodka in a crappy little bar with a local who has lived his entire life in his hometown. Just to get a taste of what it is like to be a Ukranian.

As for now that is all still a pipe dream. But what is real is that I have a ticket booked out for Tuesday May 10th from Vancouver to Frankfurt. The rest is up in the air. Just the way I like it.

I am taking a computer this time so keeping a blog updated should be a bit easier this time. I'll try to post pictures and videos to accompany those posts so you have something fun to look at. Perhaps I can film some clips and figure out a way to make money to keep this habit of mine fed. Maybe one day I'll have my own "Departures" like travel show that allows me to explore the world for a living. Ahhh one can only dream...

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